As we are emerging from our third wave and optimistically looking forward to our summer. With the weather warming up, vaccinations being rolled out extensively and Covid-19 cases on the decrease we are definitely feeling a lightness in our step, at last.

During our recent lockdown period, we used the time to reflect on our last 10 years in business, thinking about our successes and what we can really focus on, going forward post Covid-19. This season we would like to put all our attention into the small, personal things, those moments that were taken for granted before we were hit squarely between the eyes by the pandemic.

Having been fortunate enough to shoot a couple of jobs during the height of the pandemic, we are super confident in providing your teams with safe, efficient sets and also delivering on your clients’ needs, no matter where they are in the world.

This knowledge and experience allows us to shift our attention to nurturing the detail that transformed working colleagues into long-lasting friends! Those fun memories that keep us connected to all our clientsand associates all across the globe. And, without intentionally trying to sound like a Hallmark card☺, we are so looking forward to climbing out of a recce bus and taking in the beautiful view of the perfect location. To hearing the laughter of the crew while they set up for the next shot.

To sharing a glass of delicious wine over a fabulous meal while grinding out our shoot schedules. To soaking up the African sun while exploring our local hideouts and treasures. The past 18 months have taken their toll on all of us and we can’t wait to create new, happy memories with you and your teams.

Should you like to chat or get a little more detail about us and what we can offer on our productions, we would enjoy connecting over Zoom or Google Meet. We are more than happy to detail local Covid-19 protocols and address any questions you might have around shooting in SA at this time. Just drop us a reply to this mail and we can set up a call.Otherwise, please send us your boards and we can put together a cost-effective package to provide you with great service in our beautiful country!

Until then, be safe.

All the best,RAPS

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